Sunday, August 06, 2006

Trip to beloved Canada

As I said earlier, Brain and Princess left on Friday for Canada. What a fiasco!

We were not sure who all was going. Jock and Clown did not want to go for the same reasons I could not go. They also did not want to go if I was not with them. I could not go. I thought I could, but when it came down to it, I could not. I have not been dealing with my brother's death very well. To go back there, right around when he died...nope. NO thanks. Way too traumatic. Part of me thinks I should have gone, to help me heal. They all went today to put a cross on his grave. We buried him a year ago yesterday. They could not go until today. I may try to fly up in a few months, but I can't go now. GREAT! I am bawling now. Crud. I did not want to get weepy. I will have to post about him soon, I feel it all coming.

Anyway, Brain is determined to go no matter what. He has such a bond with my family and wishes to live there often. He just adores it, it is almost like some magical place to him or something. Princess ADORES my parents and SIL and is especially fond of the laundry chute my parents have in their new house. Seriously, like right when they got there and Brain called me, Princess was instructing her Tia (my SIL) to go down in the laundry room so that she could dump laundry on her head. She had done that by mistake this past Christmas to my mother and got such a kick out of it! LOL So she was busy having fun with that and could not talk to me right away. The things that please kids, eh????

Brain was a nervous wreck. He has flown countless times since he was a baby, but never without me. I did not pay extra for a chaperone, because the dude will be 14 in November. I think he can handle getting off a plane, looking for "Baggage Claim" and meeting my brother there.

Guess not. He was almost vomitting, he was so worked up! He asked me to pray with him, right there by the gate. I went on a bit and when I said "Amen" and opened my eyes, the gatekeeper dude was standing there looking very uncomfortable. Aw well, Brain felt a bit better. He was not worried about flying at all, but getting lost when they landed in Calgary. As it turned out, a flight attendent offered to take him to baggage claim, where he and Princess were reunited with his Tio (Uncle, for those who do not know Spanish:)! Just in case!) and all was well.

I felt SO BAD for said Tio, though. They missed their flight and he was at the airport FREAKING OUT wondering where they were. He called our oldest brother, who was at our parents' house. I was speaking to my niece after the fact(the oldest's 16 year old daughter) and she said that she was scared to death when her Dad was talking to our brother in Calgary. He called and was telling the oldest one how my kids were not there. My niece said her Dad's voice got all choked up and he seemed incredibly upset and worried. She said she started panicking also, seeing her Dad that way. She was so worried something bad had happened. I think we are all very traumatized since my brother died last summer. All of us found out over the phone. I will post about it soon. Anyway, the brother in Calgary told the brother in Saskatoon not to tell our mother and get her worried. LOL So of course he went right to our mother and was like, "R says Brain and Princess are not there. He is pretty panicked!" The poor people. Let me explain.

When I was driving the kids up there, we got through the border just fine. There was a bit of a hitch when I could not locate the letter Stud wrote, saying I had his permission to take his children out of the country. I could not find it and was shocked that she let me go anyway. I was actually not impressed with that, but grateful since we were pressed for time. I KNEW I had the letter right there, and about two minutes later, sure enough! We found it right stuck between my seat and the console thingy of the car. ARG!

So that was not a problem, but once we got up further, towards Vancouver, it was obvious we would miss the flight. It took us ONE HOUR to travel ONE KILOMETRE!?!?!? They have these stupid lanes with red X's and green arrows. There were hundreds of cars in four or five lanes, all being pushed into one lone lane. This took an hour. Once I saw there was no way we would make it, I called Stud and told him to call my brother before he left for the airport (There is an hour time difference between here and Alberta and the flight is only an hour. So I knew my brother would be leaving soon.) and then please call WestJet and see what we could do about a later flight. I did not have my bro's cell phone # with me, it was in the trunk in Brain's backpack with some loonies so he could call his Uncle if he needed to once they landed.

Instead, Stud called WestJet first. By the time Stud called my brother, he had left for the airport!! ARG!!! LOL I am still not sure if he and his wife and baby went back home and heard the message, or what happened.

Anyway, the kids and I arrived at the airport THIRTEEN minutes after their original flight would have been closing the doors and pulling out of the gate. *sigh* So I exchanged some American money, gave the flying kids some Canadian cash and then we ate something. We were going to get our favourite drinks from Tim Horton's (a yummy doughnut/sandwich/coffee place for all you non-Canadians:)!! teehee) but the kids were in the mood for pizza, so we had Pizza Hut.

Brain looked around, commenting to his sibs about how awesome Canada is. Just look at a simple airport, he said. Look at how much nicer it is than Sea-Tac or other ones we have been to. Look at all the artwork and food places and fun stores. The food in Canada is better, it is prettier, cleaner, etc. They just nodded and agreed and smiled at me. We often have to sit and listen to Brain go on and on about how much he loves Canada. As scared as he was to fly without us, he was willing to do it to be in that country and see his mother's family.

Sorry that is so out of order. I am more muddled than usual!

Princess is having fun with the two foster babies that her my parents have right at the moment. In their sixties and still taking in foster kids. They have done that since I was three years old and love it! She is enjoying that and having time with her new cousin who she and Brain just met. Wee Mr. J is not so wee anymore. He is only six weeks old now and such a big chunky guy! Sure wish I could post photos! ARG!

Stud, Jock and Clown are out sleeping in a tent in the backyard. They love that and Stud remembered how they love it every summer and set it up last week. The kids were so thrilled!!!! The four guys had a good time out there before Brain and Princess left on holiday, and Princess was able to sleep with me in our bed. She was going to sleep with them, but chickened out at the last minute. We were all six going to sleep out there, but Stud realised there was not enough room after all.

So they are out there and I am off to bed.

I will close with a few photos from the SC trip. Jock with a fish he caught, the kids with their great-grandmother and a frog on the outside of the lakehouse.

Good night all!!!

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Jude said...

I can completely understand why Brain (and yourself) love Canada so much! :-)