Friday, August 25, 2006


We have had a day full of them.

First, Stud asked the kids and I to pack a picnic and meet him for lunch at the park near his office. He suggested we bring the soccer ball to kick around. Jock brought his RC boat and drove it in the fountain/pond thing there. He was scaring the poor ducks! Even Brain joined in kicking the ball around (this is a kid who normally sits around moping if there is not a book or gameboy in his hand) and Princess played on the slide and play structure. So that was a wonderful surprise.

THEN! Stud made reservations at an expensive restaurant!?!? We went there and left Brain to watch the rest of the kids. We had a lovely dinner and chat.

Shock of all shocks- Brain is now in the shower. Of his own accord. Maybe none of you understand the significance of this. It is the first time in his life that I remember him ever doing this. Normally, he is dragged kicking and screaming (tad bit of exaggeration but I am sure you get the point) into the shower and I am only up for the fight every few days. He just showered yesterday after I dyed his hair, so this is a record!

Things are looking up!

Was trying to post pics, but this stupid thing is still not working!

Have a great weekend!


Jude said...

Oooh a picnic lunch sounds lovely. :-)

Lowa I hope the boys experience in public school will be a positive one!

Lowa said...

Jude- Yes, it was a very nice picnic:)

I am sure they will have a blast in public school. It is much more of an adjustment for ME. I need to get over it, I guess. I am happy for them, and a bit happy for me. I dunno...we shall see:) I am thrilled for Princess and not worried at all for her. She will thrive!

l said...

It sounds like the picnic was a great time. And fancy dinner? Even better, especially since you two got to have some couple time and sounds like you were able to reconnect, if even for just a little while.