Monday, August 28, 2006

My brother and other stuff

I wanted to just let everyone know that I am putting any posts dedicated to my baby brother on hold. I really want photos to go with the posts and I can't do that yet. So hopefully in a month or so, I can continue on about him.

My next posts should be about the changes around the house since we bought it. I will post before and after photos. I tried again to post this morning, but the stupid thing messed up AGAIN. I need to do what my friend suggested (you know who you are, T!!!) and try it that way.

I was trying to tell you all how Stud's motorcycle was stolen last night. Maybe I will try again soon.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party for a friend's son. Then Wednesday is Giggles' birthday party. We are excited, they are taking us all out to eat and then to see "Zoom" at the new Theatre. We even get to go in the projection room! He said he only wants the "D" kids (our last name starts with D) to come. What can I say?? Everyone loves our kids! Teehee. He put it off and planned it around Brain and Princess coming back from Canada. I thought that was so sweet. I hope he likes what we bought him:)

So soon I hope to find time for doing those posts. I must get to bed now since we were up until midnight last night talking with the cops. I need to get up at 5:30 to run and do my yoga. I quit Jenny Craig and am eating worse, but am somehow still slowly losing weight. So I need to keep up the physical activity level.

Sweet dreams!


Cindy said...

Marian told me that you were blogging and I hope that you don't mind that I have come and read some of your blogs.
It has been a long time, I know but I wanted to say hi and have been thinking about you.
Hope we can talk someday soon.

Lowa said...


Of course I don't mind if you read my blog! Just don't snore too loudly, ok?? :)

I am glad you have contacted me. I thought YOU were mad at me or something?? I think there was some misunderstanding or something.

E-mail me, I would love to keep in touch again:) E-mail me updated pics of your kids, please, lemme know about your job, etc etc.

As long as you don't slip up and mention our kids' real names, you can comment:) teehee

Looking forward to hearing from you!

sydwynd said...

That sucks about the motorcycle. Some people are lame.

I managed to lose weight just by eating well and getting regular excersize, so keep at it!

Cindy said...

Hey. I am getting M to email your addy and then I will write and tell ya everything that has been going on. I don't have any pics of the kids on my blog, just pics of the backyard, but go and have a look!!! I will send pics soon!