Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well, yesterday I packed Jock and Clown up and we drove down to meet Stud for a picnic in the park near his office. I had no idea there was a park there until he suggested it!!!! We will certainly do this more often.

I hope Stud enjoyed himself as much as the kids and I did. It was SO PRETTY!

Brain and Princess were both sick the day everyone went to my brother's grave. So they could not go:( Granny says they will take them at some point before they leave to come back home here. Princess especially, feels the need to go. I am expecting Brain may change his mind, but we shall see.

They are having a great time with their two older cousins. My oldest brother has three kids. A nineteen year old son, who lives in NY state and is starting his 4th year at Vassar College. He graduated from high school when he was 16, just like my Dad did. He is not in Canada now, he is working and only had two weeks off. So they won't see him this summer:(

Then there is an 18 year old daughter who is starting her second year at Acadia University in...hmmmmmmm...where was that again?? Out East. Dern, I can't think of the province, aren't I horrible!?!? What province do you live in, E??? LOL I know she reads this:)

Anyway, they both graduated from a nice school in Costa Rica. Him in 2003 and her last year. My brother and I flew down to CR for his son's Grad, but E did not want us to, so we did not go last year. Then the third daughter is going into grade 11 at her school in Damascus, Syria. This is her fourth year there. Their mother teaches at international schools. They have lived in Egypt, Costa Rica and now Syria. They have traveled to over 30 countries and backpacked through Europe, etc. So those two, the 18 and 16 year old girls are there with Brain and Princess.

G, the 16 year old, leaves for Syria again soon:( So they only have today left to spend with her. I talked with them on the phone last night and G was helping Princess with something. They are making something for me, apparently. I am so excited to see it, this niece is incredibly talented and creative!!! She also gave Princess some "dangly" earrings to go with this one dress Princess has. I will post a picture of her in her "rainbow dress". G called me last night to ask if it was alright to give these to Princess, because they will go so perfectly:)

I am hoping to get Clown and Jock to get up soon and then we are off to get some shopping done and go for a bike ride.

OH! I started Jenny Craig about ten days ago and it appears I have lost about eight pounds:) I am SO EXCITED! Only 28 more to go to get to my goal weight:) teehee This food is GOOD and it is SO EASY. The only thing I don't like, is how expensive it is. I have been meaning to start for months, but did not want to spend the money. I am already glad that I did:)

Ok, here will be a photo of Princess soon before she left for Canada, making Cookies in her "rainbow dress".

Oh no, seeing these makes me miss the little fart even more!!


sydwynd said...

Congrats on losing weight!

There is nothing better when making cookies than licking the spoon!

l said...

Losing weight is a tough endeavor. So any strides you make should be celebrated and considered achievements, even if you don't make it all the way to your goal weight (which I'm sure you will!).

Lowa said...

Thanks guys! I am excited:) It was never an issue until about four years ago, when jiggly bits and fluff started slowly creeping on the old bones. I had lost weight easily after every pregnancy and was always slim even with newborn babies. So when this happened it was a shock. I am go through fits or working at it on my own, but end up starving myself or eating only protein on unhealthy things like that and then I slowly gain back more, and THEN some. YOu know the drill. it sure is hard. I never used to understand when people would complain about it. NOW I KNOW ALL TOO WELL!! LOL

So I am very excited. My goal weight is about 12 pounds more than what I weighed when Stud and I got married. I will be VERY pleased with that:)

clairesgarden said...

good luck with your diet.
the kids will be home before you know it!