Sunday, August 20, 2006

Forgot to mention

Yes, I forgot to mention that my mother is having a hard time doing Brain's laundry. I did not even think about it, but much of his clothing is hand-me-downs from my little brother. Since Brain is only 9 months younger than Davy, he always got bags full of clothes and he just loves them. It is bittersweet to look back at photos of Davy wearing a particular shirt and then look over at Brain and he is wearing the exact same shirt.

I wish I had thought of that, I would have made it a point to only send clothes that I had bought for Brain and were not handed down. The problem is, Brain packed his own suitcase! He is old enough to do that on his own and most of his absolute must-haves and FAVOURITES, happen to be Davy's old ones. Many of them are fleecy and cozy and since Brain has no body fat, he loves to be all warm and cozy. Now that I really sit and think about it, I think I thought about it a bit before he left and we both just shared a look. He kind of looked at me with a look that said, "I need to wear these. It is important to me and I am sure Granny will be alright." Then I totally forgot, until my poor Mum said something very tearfully on the phone one time, about washing Davy's old things for Brain and seeing him wearing them.

Brain said on the phone yesterday, that he was so upset they did not go to the cemetery the original day that was planned, because they were all placing a cross out there that a good friend had made for Davy. Brain really wanted to be there for that. He and Princess told me that when they went there yesterday on the way to Tia and Tio's in Calgary, that all of them did well. He and Princess said none of them cried and that is was very nice to go out there and they are so glad they could. They are tougher than I.

The kids and I missed church today. Slept late. Stud went to play guitar as he does most Sundays. He should be back soon. Freckles was excited to go to church and be in Clown's class, so I feel bad that we didn't make it. I took her, Jock and Brain for a bike ride up at the school. Now they are still riding around outside while I try to get the Master Bedroom emptied so the carpet can be put in on Tuesday. Freckles' parents will be here to get her in a few hours and then I will leave for Canada! YAHOO!!!


meno said...

I am interested to hear more about your brother, but it sounds like you have lots going on right now.
It seemd like a nice thing for Brain to wear Davy's clothes, but i am sorry that it's hard for your mother.

sillygirl said...

I think it's crazy that you're going to be in Vancouver and I'm like 45 minutes away from the airport. So close!

Jude said...

I can see where it would have taken your mom by surprise and been sad for her.... but at the same time (me believing so much in everything happening for a reason) I think it was a bit more healing for her to go through those emotions....... if you know what I mean?

So, coming up to Canada, EH? LOL

sydwynd said...

I'm impressed by your parenting skills. Your kid does his own laundry? That's awesome. I can see how seeing the hand me downs would have upset her.

Lowa said...

Menoblog-Yes, Brain loves to wear things of Davy's. Also, Davy would chose new clothes for him when they sent parcels. Now some of those shirts that Davy had a part in chosing are EXTRA special to Brain. They are far too small now, but he insists on squeezing into them!

Sillygirl-I was thinking that yesterday as I drove up there! Freaky!

Jude-Yes, it is certainly healing for Mum to see the clothes, etc. She and my Dad have been doing AMAZINGLY well, all things considered.

Sydwynd-Yes, it is almost time to start having Clown learn. Brain and Jock both started when they were about 9 or 10. Princess and Clown both fold their own and put them away, but I wash them for them still. They need to enjoy the few years they have left! LOL

NTFrog said...

I've been meaning to ask ... how has Brain been doing since surgery? Is he gaining any weight?

Lowa said...

C- He is doing alright. He is not quite 80 lbs yet and at almost 5 foot 2, that is pretty icky. I can't wait until he is in the 90 lbs range! As you know, his Dad and I were always scrawny (ah...the good ole days!) but never this bad. He eats alright, still not very well. He feels a lot better though and that is what makes us happy! Thanks for asking. I will e-mail you soon. HONEST! Jock and Clown actually had a fight about your oldest today. They found his kindergarten picture that I have set out and Clown wasn't sure who it was. Jock called him a "dweeb" and Brain intervened...*sigh*. The joys!