Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crazy G!!

I am going to post some of the goofy pictures G took of herself with my camera when Brain and Princess were up there. Some of them were taken by Princess and Brain, but most were taken by G herself!

Her older sister E works at a museum. They all went to check it out and here are some shots from there. Maybe you have to know her to really appreciate these pictures. She is a total ham and always has been. I love how in some of them Brain is just sitting there in all his fluffy-headed goodness, with that look on his face. LOL

There are more, but they are turned to the side and I don't know how to do anything about that. Maybe Stud can help me later.



Jude said...

She looks like a total goof and an absolute hoot! LOL

Lowa said...

Jude- Oh man, She IS! I always say what a hoot she is. Seeing these photos makes me SO SAD that I did not see her. This is the first summer I have not seen her (I only get to see her in the summers, no other time of year) in four or five years. It is really hard, we are very close. She and Brain both said they got a lot of bonding time and stayed up till all hours talking and laughing. I was glad they had some special cousin time:)

Library Mama said...

How wonderful for Brain and Princess. G looks like a complete jokester.

What museum does E work at?

Lowa said...

LM- Western Development in Moose Jaw. Right near your neck of the woods!

She leaves to go back to Acadia in Nova Scotia in the next few weeks. Maybe you can pay her a visit before then?? LOL Yeah, you have SO MUCH time on your hands, getting ready for school etc.

Library Mama said...

I've heard wonderful things about that museum. Classes from our school go there on field trips sometimes, although I haven't yet.

I went out to the school yesterday for the first time all summer. It actually felt good to get my desks in order and preview my class list. Guess I'm ready for some routine again.