Monday, August 21, 2006

Let's try this...

Ok, I was going to do each post with just a photo like I have seen others do, but that is not working.

So here are some more. G and Princess painted their nails.

The cousins love to be together!

Ok, this dern thing is taking too long and not working. I have friends wondering where their e-mails are, a house to clean and yoga to do. So I am not wasting any more time right now!

More later. (I hope!)


Jude said...

Loving the pics, sorry to see you're having a hard time getting them posted.. blogger has had some issues of late for sure.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

I agree with what jude said. Blogger has definitely had some issues as of late. Your daughter reminds me of my granddaughter in California whom I miss a lot. About the same age. Did I mention to you that I came across a Washington license plate "HckyMom" and I thought, "Good grief, someone turned LOWA loose!"

sydwynd said...

all great pictures! Love Princess sucking her thumb! So cute!

Lowa said...

Jude- Yes, it happens sometimes, eh??

Ramblin'-I am sorry you miss your granddaughter! That is so hard. Maybe you can post a photo of her one your blog sometime?? That is a GREAT IDEA for a license plate, I may try it:)

sydwynd-I know, isn't that darling? Her Dad sucked his until he was 10 or 11 and his teeth are screwed up, even after braces. We have not been after her to quit, but she has tried a few times on her own. I think if she is still doing it when she is 6 or 7, I may try to do something to help her out. She keeps asking me to paint her thumb when we do her fingernails, she hopes that will deter her. Then she comes later and says, "Nope, it didn't work. I still sucked my thumb!!!"