Friday, January 06, 2006

Almost five years difference!

Ok in looking for those pictures of Bee previously (No idea why it put one pic of her looking like it is part of the post from yesterday. I am not messing with it! The dern thing NEVER puts the pics where I want them, no matter WHAT I do. I am amazed I got them out there at all) I came across some other CUTE ones.

Wanted to show you all the difference in the kids. One picture was taken in January of 2001 and the other was just a few weeks ago. It is already on the blog, but I wanted them side by side (or at least in the same post! LOL) to compare how the kids have changed.

L WAS 8, B 5 and a half, R 18 months and Bee about 3 months old.

L IS 13, B 10 and a half, R 6 and a half and Bee just turned five. WOW! Time flies!


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hi Laura,
Okay, about the tongue thing; it is a natural thing for female babies to do. Male babies do not do it for good reason. Females always have their tongues a wagging and males never get a chance. Hee, hee, I crack myself up. :) Your hubby ought to like this one.

Lowa said...

Yes, it is amazing about females and yapping:) LOL

I told hubby what you said and he chuckled:)

happyandblue2 said...

Amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it..