Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Can't think of a title...

I have been thinking about the pics of R shaving. Also the cute things he and Bee do together. It makes me sad that this stage is quickly chugging along and will be gone soon. This age is SO FUN.

Our youngest is 5. She can do so many things on her own and all the fun baby and toddler stuff is done. I am relieved in many ways and enjoy watching she and R do things together. I love to listen in on their darling conversations together. When the 0lder two are not around snickering and making faces, the "little ones" as we call the younger two, are free and un-inhibited in their play. I love that!!

As I type this, they are chasing each other around, shrieking and screaming "Let me show you MY Bear hug!" and seeing who can hug each other the hardest. L came upstairs and said loudly "Would you guys BE QUIET!!"

Hubby needs help. I have refused to cook anything until he cleans the oven out. It has been horrid for months and the other day when I made supper, it was a fire hazzard and stunk up the house for hours. I think he is trying to clean it out and the kids are still chasing each other for hugs...yes...LOL...poor L just said in a most defeated tone, "Would you guys stop running!??!" HA HA Now he knows what HE and B did to me just a few short years ago:)

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