Monday, January 16, 2006

Some things about me...

1) Was born in 1969.
2) In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada, for those who don't know)
3)Three older brothers. So obviously, if you have been reading this you see that hubby and I did the same as my parents. Three boys and then a girl. Incidentally, my parents did the same as my Dad's parents. He is the oldest of three boys and then a girl. The only difference being the 2nd boy passed away when he was 4 (can you imagine!??! how horrible, I cry every time I think about it) AND they had 5 kids altogether (the youngest was another boy).
4)We were all born within the space of 4 1/2 years.
5)Moved to a suburb of Edmonton when I was 2
6)Moved to an acerage near Saskatoon when I was 7 1/2
7)Have always loved animals
8)Complained (I am sure) about doing my chores and milking the cow/goats but right now would give one (or both, don't need them anymore) of my ovaries to be able to do so again.
9)The reason I said that is guys tend to say give one of their "nuts" or whatever. You know. So that is the same for me.
10)I do not like mushrooms, but I love pork chops cooked in mushroom soup.
11) My parents have taken care of foster kids since I was 3 years old.
12)It was very hard in ways, especially when the kids had to leave. We always missed them really bad.
13)One of my little sisters was the flower girl at my wedding!
14) I have not seen her since early 1992.
15) I miss her.
16)I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews and two more on the way! I think they are both nephews, but we shall see.
17)I don't know the ones on my hubby's side as well as my two nieces and nephew that are my oldest brother's.
18) I graduated from high school in 1987.
19)I never left the prairies until I was 17.
20)Went West with the Youth Group and saw mountians and the ocean for the first time.
21)Wait, that is not true. I had seen mountains in Banff and Jasper, but not all the way to the Coast and all through the Rockies.
22)Met hubby on the internet in 1988.
23)Got married just after my 20th birthday.
24)That was way too young. Wish I had realised that.
25)We are both determined and have stuck it out.
26)I don't like the East coast. Can't handle humidity. ICK!
27)Lived with my brother in Ontario the summer of '88 and freaked out. Took off West on a bus. Or Train?? Who knows, it is a blur, I was so traumatized.
28)Always felt bad that I left him with a 2 bedroom apartment that he got specifically so that I could move out there.
29)Went to a tiny school that had 300 students from K-grade 12.
30)Graduating class was 14 people.
31)I was the only girl with no "escort".
32)That was the way I wanted it.
33)People kept trying to "set me up" and I was getting ANNOYED.
34)Finally the only guy in our class with no escort and I had to be hooked up.
35)This is the same guy who at one time had muttered a racist comment to some of my younger sibs.
36)I did not like him, but tried to be nice.
37)When one of my older brothers graduated, he also had no escort, so took me:) I was so pleased:)
38)Maybe I should have taken him to my Grad??
39)I used to worship my older brothers.
40)It has taken me some years to see the light and not put them on a pedestal.
41)One of my brothers is a social worker.
42)One is a writer.
43)One is a computer programmer.
44)My parents adopted a son and I finally had a YOUNGER brother:)
45)He was amazing and adorable.
46)He had CP and was in a wheelchair and could not speak or barely move on his own.
47)We all adored him.
48)We were so proud of him and his great attitude.
49)He was gorgeous (I will post pictures soon).
50)He passed away in his sleep this past August.
51)I still cannot believe it and that I just typed that.
52)We miss him very much and...I dunno.
53)My brother dying is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
54)Most of that time is a blur.
55)I want him back.
56) Now.
57)I have been to Costa Rica twice.
58)It is very beautiful.
59)I want to go back and do the RainForest or beaches.
60)I went to visit my brother's kids who lived there at the time.
61)I went back with my brother for his son's Grad in 2003.
62)I was very happy that my brother got to see his kids, as he seldom has had the chance.
63)I had my first baby in 1992, when I was 23 years old.
64)He is amazing:)
65)I had my 2nd baby in 1995, when I was almost 26 years old.
66)He is also amazing, but in different ways.
67)My husband made us move back to SC (where he grew up and we lived from 90-91) in 1997.
68)Remember #26???
69)I tried to like it, made friends, found a church, got involved in various things.
70)Next to my brother dying, that was the worst time of my life.
71)I love to visit there, but CANNOT live there.
72)My 3rd baby was born in 1999.
73)I thought he was going to be a girl because God told me I was having a girl and hubby said we were only having three kids.
74) I was shocked that there was no girl. Did not occur to me that maybe God knew how many kids we would have, not hubby:)
75)The third one is also amazing.
76)Hubby got offered enough money to move back here and we moved back in March 2000.
77) Praise God!
78)Around the same time, discovered baby #4 was on the way.
79)My only daughter was born that fall.
80) She guessed it...amazing:)
81)I worked many jobs before having kids.
82)I have never worked outside the home since giving birth to the first one.
83)I was a Vet Tech, and a waitress.
84)I used to ride a bike to work.
85)Was hit by a car one day on the way home from work.
86)It hurt.
87)My cousin is a comedian and has been in movies with Bruce Willis.
88) He actually introduced Bruce and Demi Moore to each other.
89)I thought it was a rumour throughout the family, but then I read an interview with Demi in People magazine and she confirmed it.
90)I thought that was kind of neat.
91)He was filming something for HBO in Seattle one time and hubby and I went to visit him and he took me on stage.
92)Luckily everyone was gone:)
93)We met Ali this past June. We have a picture of our two oldest boys with him.
94) I love chocolate.
95)I am getting fat.
96)I don't like that and really need to do something about it and quit just saying that:)
97)I love to hike but never do it.
98)I hate living in the city.
99)I can never keep up with all my house work and other things I need to do.
100)I love to watch movies. Almost any movie.


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey Blogger Pal, Glad you put something down about you. It is always interesting to learn about other people and realize we all have the same trials and etc. I have always maintained that if we would listen as others are speaking we would increase our intellect immensely. I enjoyed your blog.

happyandblue2 said...

A really good 100 things about you list. I went to university in Saskatoon. It's a really nice city..

Lowa said...

Thanks Ramblin'! I would love to hear more about you:)

H&B, that is SO COOL! I think the U of S has one of the nicest campuses around...although I have not seen many. Yes, it sure is nice. My dad and all my brothers went there.

Marie said...

Sounds like you have a pattern of boy, boy, boy, girl, just like me.

Of course I had one more surprise girl after that! So get ready!