Monday, January 30, 2006

More writing by Brain


Green is a ferocious thing, with hate and fearsome might.
While red is like a pretty saint, a pure and gentle sight.

Blue is hated, feared and evil, just like a cruel assassin
Orange, a poor small Science nerd, who always has his aspirin.

Yellow, a rising star she is, fancied and admired.
Purple resembles your nutty neighbour with something to be desired.

Black is death in all it's forms, a fierce and evil thing.
White, a beacon of hope and light, an angel on the wing.

So now you know the colours, but let me ask you this:
What is checkerboard or polka-dot??
Do they remind you of your brother or your silly sis??

So now you know the colours.
So now you truly see.
When you take a look at burgundy, do you see a silly poet??
Perhaps it is me you see.

1 comment:

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Got to have some Irish in him. Very good Brain. Keep up the good work. Some day I will have to write a poem because you have inspired me.