Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So sorry to have left you all hanging. I know I have countless faithful readers who are most certainly wondering what became of C and/or myself. *grin*

So, as I said, I went to find somewhere to sit near where they were supposedly going to bring C to meet me. I tried to concentrate on my book and got a few pages along. I was just so paranoid (can anyone blame me???) that they would take her somewhere else or something, so was constantly peering around. The flight arrived and eventually people starting coming to get their luggage. I watched for her and never saw her. I waited by the elevator. A woman who worked there had told me that is where she would come out. Fifteen minutes after people had starting arriving off of that flight, I went to ask the woman AGAIN, just to be sure.

She was pleasant but seemed a bit annoyed. She assured me things were fine, they would get her off last. I told her I assumed that, but people had stopped coming through the doors a good fifteen minutes ago and she was still nowhere in sight. She waved me away and turned back to talk with her co-worker.

During this time, there were a few times that I wandered over to where the people were coming out and pushed my little luggage cart (I wanted to be prepared and have one to get C's walker and bags on something)around, looking at everyone, just to be safe and sure. Nothing.

Ten minutes after the woman assured me things were fine and she would be here any minute, I went to some people who were now coming through the doors. I thought either they were stragglers, coming late off the flight, or it was a different flight altogether.

So I asked one man, "Did you just come from Calgary??" He mumbled something that sounded like "Tonno" and I said "Pardon??" And again, he said "Tonno!"

I think he was saying "Toronto." Either way, it was NOT Calgary.

I went to the desk behind the baggage claim and told them I had been waiting for my friend from a connecting flight from Calgary for over half an hour. He got on his walkie talkie and told someone C's name. The person on the other end said something about elevator.

He nodded and put his walkie talkie away and said they were in the elevator right now. I went all the way back to the elevator and FINALLY it opened and THERE was my sweet friend! Looking exhausted and NOT happy.

We hugged and we smiled and I said "WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!" The woman pushing her said there had been a mis-communication (I think it was NO communication) and she had been left sitting for - are you ready??? - TWENTY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!

I shot a mad look at the woman who was pushing her, even though it may not have been HER fault. OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C told me later and I can just picture it, that anyone walking past her basically ignored her. I have seen this when I am with her. Either people STARE and look like they have never seen a person who needs help walking, or she is INVISIBLE. This time, she was pretty much invisible.

The man who got her settled where ever he did, told her someone would be along in a few minutes. UNREAL!! She was totally helpless and what if she needed to go to the bathroom!?!? These chairs are NOT ones you can use your arms to push along, and even if she could, they had piled her things on top of her!?!? Needless to say, we are writing a letter to complain. That airport is UNREAL. There is no excuse for that, right?? Am I being ridiculous?? We can at least let them know how hurtful and demeaning that was.

Not only that, the woman who brought her to me expected me to push C in the chair, while C pushed the luggage cart in front of her!?!? How do you push something like that from a sitting position?? SHEESH!!!

Alright, will continue this later. Get ready for...THE DRAMA AT THE BORDER!

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happyandblue2 said...

Wow this is really an exciting story. Not a completely happy story but exciting.
Can hardly wait for the border..