Monday, January 30, 2006


Here is something Brain wrote today, that he asked me to post here. So here goes:

Have you??

Have you ever heard a church choir sing??
Of how their voices carry?
I myself have listened to them,
light as air, sweet as a cherry.

And have you seen a figure skater?
Oh how they leap and twirl?
their outfits like dancing rainbows are,
oh how they swish and swirl!

Or what about the acrobats,
have you seen what they can do??
They twirl up there, up in the air,
their laughs sound like a cockatoo.

LOL Not too bad, for someone who "hates" to write and fights me tooth and nail.

He is working on some other things, but is not finished. Something about colours and how they signify certain things. He should be done sometime this week.

Over and out.

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