Friday, January 13, 2006

The long awaited Drama at the Border!

Well, this will be a let down, I am sure. It was annoying, but not really dramatic.

I am guilty of the wrong choice of words. I was in a different mood when I closed my last post, I guess.

At any rate, let's get this story over with so I can tell you all the fun exciting news from this past week. Seems I am still stuck on news from Monday!

Once I got my wonderful C, we made the mutual agreement to leave her in the bathroom while I took the luggage cart to the car to unload. She had been left for no reason before, we figured we might as well multi-task and get useful things done at the same time.

I did not expect taking her to the bathroom to be so emotional. *Sigh* As I mentioned, she was in a wheel chair, since she could not bring her motorized scooter. When I left the luggage thing to get her settled in the bathroom, it was much different than pushing her the 4 feet or so that we did when she was attempting to push the cart in front of her. I still can't get over what a silly idea that was! SHEESH!

So this was easier and I started pushing her and IMMEDIATELY flashed back to all the times I pushed my younger brother in HIS wheelchair. For those of you who do not know, my younegr brother passed away this past August. We are still in shock, perhaps some denial and total anguish. That will be another post sometime soon. Or whenever (IF) I am ready to tell that story. Sometimes talking is healing in some way, sometimes it makes things worse. In fact, there are still a few people in my life who I have not even told.

I had not anticipated this, gasped, struggled to contain myself and leaned over to her and said "I may have a break down." She nodded and said "The same thing happened to your Mom this morning at the airport. And she DID break down."

I somehow shook it off, got through it, and we got some food, there was no ticket on the car (by this I mean a parking ticket, not a little stub to PAY for parking! LOL) and we were on our way to the border to get us into this country.

We got there and answered the usual questions. The last time we drove across the border with her, we admitted we did not have any firm travel dates to get her back into Canada. Admitted the same thing this time, but this time they did not like it. She eyed us up and down, looked the vehicle over, scribbled some notes on a sticky note which she stuck to my windshield and said "Please pull over to the left and go inside. They will give you your ID back when you get in there."


Being the silly person that I am, I actually thought for a short time that just *I* could go in, we would not have to bother C with this nonsense. I got out and the guy said we both need to go in. FINE!

We got her walker out of the car and we got ourselves in there. There were 3 or 4 long lines of people and the guy motioned us right to the front of one. I told myself it was to punish all the weirdos who kept on staring at C. LOL HA! Serves you right!

Man, it just gets me. She is used to it, but it still amazes me. I remember the first time I saw her. That is also another story for another day:) I didn't stare, I was intrigued.

Are people not taught manners?? I guess I just was raised differently.

Anyway, after much silliness and fuss, him taking my car keys and coming back about five minutes later and asking C all kinds of questions, we were free to go. In all my years going in and out of that border crossing, that is only about the 3rd time I have been pulled over to go in. And once was because I left my green card at home for some insane reason and M insisted we go up for some Canadian treats!?!? I had to pay NINTY DOLLARS because I did not have a dern card. LOL Remember that M!?!?

So there you have it. I am sure that was not worth waiting for, eh?? LOL SORRY!!!

So this past week, we have been busy. B had a counseling appointment, I had that filling yesterday morning, the kids classes, Bee had dance, I had a Homeschooling meeting on Tuesday night that I was too exhausted to go to, L had an appointment in Seattle on Tuesday about his surgery that will FINALLY happen on February 2nd, the phone rings off the hook. All the while I am trying to "teach" kids, clean house, cook, get C what she needs, actually spend time with her, etc etc!!!

We had a painter come to paint our dining area (not really a "room") and he told me it is a wonder I have not had a nervous break down by now, all that goes on here! LOL He has spent only 10 hours over the past 3 days, trying to get this DEEP red to stay on the walls and not need more coats. He cannot believe all that I do! LOL

C finally got out of the house today. We tried to go to a movie last night, but I was exhausted. Next week should be calmer. Besides the Spelling Bee L is entered in, my hair appointment (grey is coming back! LOL), the normal classes, etc etc.

Bee needed a new leotard for dance. So after L and B's Science class this morning, we came home and dropped L off to stay home with R. B, Bee, C and I went to Target. Confused yet???

C and I got matching HUGE bags. I guess you could call them purses, not sure. They are kind of a rubbery material, I am thinking for putting wet towels at the beach or something. We, however, will use them as purses. I will take pictures. We both love angels, and plan to get matching tattoos of an angel in honour of my little brother. We both want to lose some weight first!

This purse has two angels on it. One with blonde hair and one with black. So we think of them as signifying us. C is blonde and the black haired one is me:) I actually have auburn, but it is close enough. Lately it is dyed closer to black, cause hubby hates all the grey and likes me to colour it so I don't look 20 years older than I really am! LOL They were regularly $30, we got them for $7!!! I will post a picture soon. C got herself some make up and had fun spending money on herself, which is what her hubby wanted her to do. She deserves it and had a good time, although it was foreign to her.

We got Bee a leotard and many tights on sale and B bought himself a DVD he wanted. Then we came home and left the kids to go out for supper. Hubby was almost home and I felt ok leaving them for a short time. B is doing a bit better with attitude, I was sure there would be no blood shed, and I was right:)

C and I had a wonderful talk and meal at the Olive Garden. Then we went and saw the movie "See Dick Run". Next we want to see the new Queen Latifah one and for sure "Memoirs of a Geisha". We are both reading that one. It is fascinating. I am almost done, but told C to start. She is getting to the half way mark, I need to go steal it from her now!!

Soon I will post some pictures of the fun we are having with C. The kids are LOVING having someone give them undivided attention and she seems impressed with them. They help her get up if I am not around, get her drinks, her walker, etc etc. Bee loves to cuddle with her constantly. And C loves it just as much!

The end.

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How was See Dick Run? I want to see it, but have only heard bad reviews.