Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kids in the snow

Ok I am putting some photos out here for a fellow blooger. She has never seen snow and I feel SO BAD for her. I am hoping this will encourage her on her quest. She and hubby are on holiday and are searching for the white stuff. I certainly hope they find it! NO ONE should go without seeing and playing in snow at least once in their life!!! I cannot get the dern pictures to co-operate with me, so this will look silly and they will end up all along the side, I am sure, with this writing way down at the bottom. ARG!

So these pics are from December 30th and 31st up in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. We stayed with a friend of mine who grew up there but now lives near Edmonton, Alberta. Her parents let us stay with them and showed us a great time with sledding, skidooing, etc. The kids LOVED it, they have only seen snow a few times themselves. There was not a lot, certainly nothing like when I was a kid. However, it was certainly enough for an awesome time and some great memories!!! Enjoy, Amanda B:)


HomemakerAng said...

thanks for stopping by, looking forward to checking out your site!

islandarts said...

I agree, everyone should experience snow once in their lives! Preferably the kind that you can't see over, LOL but beggars can't be chosers right??
btw, love the new look!

Amanda B. said...

These pictures are wonderful. Thanks for putting them up for me! :D