Sunday, January 15, 2006

More medals

B got another medal today. He is very pleased. It is one they all got, for participating in the tourny. Yes, H&B, he did look proud, eh?? :) They won their game today finally, so that was nice. It went into overtime because it was a tie. B scored two goals and they put him down for three. That would mean he had made a hat trick, and would be very exciting. It has been a while since he did that! However, he did not, he got two. He seemed pretty worried when he called me on my cell, wanted to make sure they knew he had "only scored two goals". He got a nice break away at one point, but missed that one. He assisted the final goal that broke the tie and caused them to win, so that is cool. Man, I hated missing all these games this weekend. I LOVE watching him play. Guess they somehow placed 4th out of 8, by only winning one game?? I don't understand it all. He had a fun weekend, that is what matters!!!

L earned $50 last night and was very excited! He ended up staying until 10 pm and when I called to see if he wanted his Dad to come, he said whatever we wanted. Hubby did not want to go, so we left it at that. L babysat for 3 hours today and J's hubby gave him $40. L looked at the $40 and said "This is way too much money for only 3 hours." Then he gave it back. So J's hubby gave him $25!!! I am so proud of him for being honest, although I am not surprised. He now wants us to take him to the bank tomorrow so he can deposit this. He is nervous having that much cash in his wallet. We are getting closer to getting his snake, I CANNOT WAIT!! I LOVE reptiles and am just so psyched!!! C is deathly afraid, even worse than hubby I guess. So if L earns enough and we get set up with the python before she leaves, she has instructed L not to bring her anywhere NEAR C! LOL His best friend J called him this morning before church to see if they could spend the day together, but L had to tell him he had a paying job to go to! What a thrill! teehee

I finished "Memoirs of a Geisha" last night and C is more than half way through. We cannot wait to go see it!

We looked through some photos tonight and the neighbour boy came and played inside with R and Bee while L was baby sitting and hubby and B went to hubby's hockey game. He also plays, in case I have not mentioned.

Tomorrow, we have much cleaning (does it ever end???) to do and I want to get some Science and History done with the kids, hopefully. The kids want C to see the Kids Museum they love to go to, so hopefully we can do that this week. I need to be in R's class on Tuesday, then it is off to L's First Spelling Bee. We are not sure what to expect. He has been reading at a college level (or so they told us with all the testing they did the short time he attended public school) since he was 7, speaks like a 29 year old and spells flawlessly. Still, the words I glanced at are words hubby and I have never heard of, so we are a tad nervous. I told him it will at least be an experience for him. Poor guy is regretting agreeing to enter. Will update everyone on that of course.

Soon, I plan to tell "100 things about Me", like I have seen on other blogs. Stay tuned:)


Jim said...

I've peeped at your site from time to time. It is a little like mine, just whatever I want to write, I do.

My kids are all adults, the grandkids are getting that way, ages 8, 17, 20, and 26.

I write about the family quite a bit (our dog also0. It doubles as a goofie newsletter for them.

My grandson was homeschooled.
Susie, his mom, took him to our college gym for P.E. He is 26 now and owns a take out pizza place in Louisiana. He didn't go to college.

Lowa said...

Thanks for your comments. B says he will not go to college, but L plans on it.

I look forward to visiting your blog soon!!!

happyandblue2 said...

There is just so much going on with you and your family right now. You must be tired all the time, tee,hee..