Sunday, January 22, 2006

How adorable is this!!??!?

Ok, soon I will quit with the R and Bee photos. However when I was gazing lovingly at the other one posted below, I remembered this one. This was taken one morning in March, 2001, before we left for church.

HOW CUTE IS THIS!?!? See how he does?? He has always put his arm around her this way. I just love it and wish I had posted it in the same post, so they could be side by side and you could compare almost 5 years difference. Thank goodness this hideous couch (loved it when we bought it. In fact it was the first furniture purchase we made since being married. It was purchased almost 6 years after our wedding. Everything until that point had been given to us.) is now down in the Rec Room with a slip cover on it.

Anyway, maybe I will update what has happened this week end soon. Right now, hubby is leaving for a friend's house to watch some football game on their HUGE screen in their downstairs theatre. C and I are going to watch a movie while the 4 kids play board games downstairs. They are asking to play video games (poor Bee and R have recently succumbed to the lure of those things and beg to play!) and I told them once they played some Monopoly or something, perhaps. So that is the plan for the rest of the afternoon. More ramblings later!!!!


Dottie said...

How adorable they are! That is how all of my kids are with Lillianne, they just adore her. Don't you love to look back at pictures and see how your taste in design and clothing changes thru the years! :) Those colors were very trendy when you bought it, very "in" :)

Suzanne said...

That photo, along with the one shown below, is soo sweet! Great blog fellow Canadian :)

islandarts said...

You post as many pictures of your kids as you want to. I go on total kid marathons... LOL then you don't hear about my kids for months (well, maybe a day or two).

nice to read a blog of someone from Toon town!! I grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan-
but i'm an islander now.