Sunday, January 08, 2006

General Update

Hubby and B are leaving for a hockey game. I told B all of us would skip church and come watch him. This is a rarity. I think I have seen ONE game all season. He is SO EXCITED, he got up on his own and had his HUGE hockey bag all ready and was ready to go before hubby's alarm even went off. I want to post his hockey picture soon, so I can show him off. He looks so good in it, now that he has grown his hair out. All my guys are growing their hair long. Someone asked the other day if L got a perm!?!? LOL I said no, he just has curly hair and since it is not cut close to his head like usual, a person can now notice that.

So we spent Friday and yesterday trying to get all the Christmas stuff put away. *sigh* I had no idea we had so much stuff. Hubby made a good point. He said something about it being much more fun to get the stuff out and set it up, than to pack it all away again. We have everything packed away except the wreath and garland from the front door, will do those later today. Then it is just a matter of putting all the containers back in the storage room in a neat and orderly fashion. I will leave that up to hubby, he is much better at stuff like that than I am.

I have to be honest. Hubby did 90% of the packing up and taking ornaments off the tree, etc. I did a lot and gathered many kitchen things, dishes, holiday towels etc. Yesterday, after I ran to Coscto and the library, got my eyebrows waxed (man does THAT feel better!!!) and some other errands, I wanted to take the younger two to see the Narnia movie since they have not seen it.

R did not want to go. He wanted to stay home and play video games. He is starting to enjoy them a bit and his big brothers include him in their games and he loves it! I told him he could come to the movie or clean his room. He was seriously considering cleaning the room!?!?! L and B were in shock, saying they would go in his place. Starting to beg, can they please go?? I reminded L he has seen it twice already. He didn't care, said he will spend his own money to see it again. B chimed in and said the same thing. So they paid their own way:)

So we all left hubby here to clean in peace and went to the movie. When it was done, R said it was the best movie he had ever seen! L was stationed on Bee's left, then me, then R and then B to his right. Since L has seen it twice, I left it up to him to cover his sister's eyes during any parts when the bad UGLY creepy guys would be seen. B and I alternated between doing R's. I finally did it all, since B and I disagreed on what he should be allowed to see. He was missing all the good parts if B did it. B could not rememeber when suddenly a scary guy would be flashed onto the screen, and neither could I. To avoid anything happening, B blocked R from seeing lots of innocent and fine scenes. B was getting mad and arguing with me (he is VERY good at that, as my family noted during the holidays) which was going to disturb people around us. I took over and it worked out.

That kid seriously drives me to an anger I never knew resided within me, however. He thinks he is Mr. Know-it-all, questions us ALL THE TIME, picks on R and Bee to no end, etc etc. I actually had a dream last night that he was arguging with me in some public place and being rude to kids all around him. I was telling all these kids to ignore it, he is mad at me and taking it out on them. They nodded and said they knew that and that he was always getting upset over "stupid things" and they were tired of being around him. They suggested I beat it out of him!?!? LOL I was leaving and thinking that may be the only answer and thinking what else could I do to get through to him and then the dream switched to me being at the farm I grew up on.

However, this has jumped around too much, I need to get ready for the hockey game. I have tried to wake the other kids up, Hubby and B leave earlier of course to get dressed and do the warm up drills etc.

C arrives demain. Change in plans when we were up there and she flies into Vancouver right around lunch time. I am SO EXCITED to go get her!?!?!? YAHOO!! My parents are taking her to the airport and then will pick her up when she goes back sometime next month. We are not sure when that will be. Will buy the ticket when she has had enough and gets sick of the kids bickering, B being disrespectful and me yelling at them:)

Over and out for now!

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happyandblue2 said...

Who won the hockey game.
B is probably going through a phase. A very annoying phase, tee,hee..