Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just an update

Just to prepare my regular readers, I have changed the names of Hubby and the kids. To get used to the new names, please check my updated profile. Still minus photo. Ok, I am going to put a photo of a photo of Princess and myself. So that at least gives everyone an idea. Take 40 lbs and all the wrinkles off and you will see the TRUE me:) Of course Princess is as gorgeous as always!

Well, just got everyone settled. What a night!

Stud and I tried to go out to a movie. *sigh* You would think it was a simple request, yes??

Not so.

We have instructed the kids to NEVER call unless it is of utmost importance. Like someone is bleeding, there is a person trying to break into the house, etc etc. They know this, yet for some reason Jock tends to think it is an emercengy if he wants chocolate milk and Brain won't let him have any. Or if he wants permission to go on the computer when he knows he cannot if we are not around, on and on. They KNOW this is not acceptable.

Yet they continue to go ahead anyway. Well, honestly, usually Jock does. Although Brain did call last week when I was getting my hair done to ask if he could eat a pudding!?!? *sigh* Seriously. You all need to watch the DVD "Bill Cosby Himself" and go to the one about "Brain damaged children". It is SO TRUE! It is UNREAL how accurate the man is!!! Not to mention HYSTERICAL.

Half way through "Underworld:Evolution", (do not say a word. It was Stud's choice, not mine. I was just glad to go see anything, ya know???) Stud's phone started vibrating. It said the call was from home. He waited until the caller (most likely Jock) had left a message and then he planned to just listen and see if it was an emergency. All the while, we are inwardly panicking, at the off chance it truly is something serious.

I was thinking "If that kid is calling to ask if he can make himself chocolate milk or to whine that something is not fair, so help me..."

Poor Stud kept on trying to listen to the message, but things were so loud and it was during a key part *cough cough* of the movie. Finally he was listening and even in the dark, I could see "the look".

Oh boy. I knew it was Jock. Oh no, maybe Stud will hurt him or something?? LOL

Apparently, he left a message whining that Brain would not let him watch a show concerning his latest craze. He is very into hunting and guns, etc. We had told them that since C had a headache (she is prone to migraines which land her in the ER often) that they all needed to be down in the Rec Room and to just watch a movie and let her be up here watching some TV or reading. So I am not sure what on earth he was asking about a show for anyway, since there is no Television reception down there. We only watch DVDs or VHS.

Anyway, we ignored the message and finished the movie. Came home and the little ones were in bed (Clown was exhausted from his day at school when he had been emotioanlly drained. Perhaps I will explain in more detail tomorrow) and Jock was on the computer!?!? (the nerve!!!?!?!) and Brain and C were watching TV.

The kitchen was a disaster (Brain is supposed to unload the DW and Jock loads) and downstairs, where C sleeps, looked like a hurricane had hit. There were toys all over and they had obviously had themselves a good old time on the folded out futon where C sleeps. Her blankets were all over, toys and fruit snack wrappers all over it, etc etc. The four of them have been very into playing "Cops and Robbers" lately and run all over and hide and put each other in jail, blah blah. I guess it gets pretty messy doing stuff like that?!?!?

Brain and Jock JUST NOW got to bed after cleaning up the kitchen AND the Rec Room. LORD HAVE MERCY!!! We have told Jock his consequence for doing what he did. He does not get to watch any of those shows AT ALL until furthur notice.

So Jock has an eye infection or something. Has had drops for almost a week. Princess is sneezing up a storm and now Brain has started. Can never tell with these kids if it is allergies or something else. We will keep watching that.

I thought there was more news, but I can't think...ah yes. I have some news, but my brother will not allow me to say anything about it yet. ARG! LOL

Well, that was interesting using my new names for everyone...I don't like labels, but they don't read this and it may be fun to use names that kind of describe them. I will devote a few posts to each kid also. I read a fun blog of a woman who has 4 kids and she did nice descriptions of each of them. She is actually a writer, so she did a great job, but I can try.

Over and out for now!


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Okayyyyy if you say so. Sounds like a normal night to me, where was the problem?:) Oh to remember those days and feel glad they are over. The price you pay for visiting the pumpkin patch I guess.

Stud huh????????????? Okayyyyyy.

Lowa said...

Darn right!!!