Friday, January 20, 2006

My three Brothers

As promised, here is a story about them.

Apparently, when I was about 10 months of age, I was sitting in the back yard. Mom was sending the boys out with their morning snack and they all walked past me to play.

I am going from memory of how the story has been told to me over the years and may get some things wrong, but I find it fascinating how this tells of their personalities at the young ages they were.

The oldest (age 5) walked past with a cookie and I bounced around and reached up towards it. My way of asking for one, right?? He completely ignored me and walked on by.

The second one (age 3 1/2) came out and the same thing happened, except instead of ignoring me, he hit me!

The third (about 2 1/2) came out and when he saw that I wanted one, he gave me his and went back into the house to get another for himself. This from a two year old!?!?

Things stayed pretty much the same for many years. The oldest is very laid back and relaxed and it takes a lot to upset him. He is very...I am struggling for words to describe him. C is here with me and thinks "serene" is a good word. She knows him from his years driving buses for disabled people. He would often pick her up and drop her at her destination. She and I met when we were 17 and (story to follow on another post) she of course knows him through the years because she and I are so close. He is just the nicest guy and has been through a lot and comes out smiling.

The second one and I fought terribly. We are very similar in some ways, though. Must have rubbed each other the wrong way or been vying for parental attention, who knows. I will touch on this in another post, because I think there is a lot to the birth order thing. I find it fascinating that he and I, being second and fourth born are SO similar. And my second and fourth kids are almost clones of each other, in looks as well as behaviour. We were both trouble makers in school and are cynical people. He is a wee bit eccentric, which adds to his charm. He is a published writer and we are really proud of him:) He must have gotten past the hitting stage (he WAS only a toddler at the time of this story) but we sure did clash. He did not really hit me when we were older, but tormented me in other ways. He and I are close though and sometimes talk for hours on the phone. Very nice:) I think he likes me a little bit now.

The third one was sweet as pie, until we got to be teens. He had been very worried about everything. Always looking out for me. Teens years came and then HE started hitting me!!! Beat me good, actually. The oldest one used to have to pull him off of me and separate us. Was just going through teen angst, I guess. Now, he is back to his two year old self again. LOL SO kind and sensitive. He cries. I LOVE THAT. Doesn't hold back at all. If he is sad, stressed or worried, the tears come. He and I are really close, and as I mentioned earlier, have a unique way of talking to each other. Drives my hubby nuts! LOL I suck at keeping in touch with him, but he and his wife make strong attempts. We always stay with them in Calgary when we drive to my parents' in S'toon. They are expecting their first child in June and we cannot wait!

So there you have it. My bros. Well, three of them. I will dedicate an entire post or more, to my sweet Davy.

Over and out for now, going to visit with C:)

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The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey kiddo, looks like you came from a normal family. Glad to see you telling about your family and life. I find stories very interesting and it is good to get to know people even though we have never met. I am surprised at how many authors or writers there are on the blog machine. Keep up the good work and someday put a picture of you and your husband on the blog. Maybe you did I don't remember. Senior moment maybe.