Thursday, January 26, 2006


I find men amusing. I am curious as to what goes on in their minds. Stud insists it is nothing much. It is blank. I cannot accept this.

The man is brilliant in many areas. To be brilliant, you must use your mind. He inists that much of the time, nothing is going on in his. This confuses me.

Yet, some days, I wonder if perhaps he is correct?? No disrespect to him. I am not trying to say NOTHING is going on, but strange things are.

I think.


We have had rats or some type of rodent in the engine of our van for some time. We have yet to actually see them visually, but they leave evidence of their existence. They have chewed through wires, gadgets and gizmos in the engine and cost us many dollars to repair damage they have done. Before our trip to Canada for the holidays, we noticed quite a large pile of turds on the floor inside the van. This disturbed me, because I do not want to have the kids inhaling anything bad.

As much as this disturbed me, I have done nothing about it. I have so many things going on and trying to keep track of various appointments, assigning the kids school work, taking them hither and yon, keeping the house clean, etc etc. I guess I assumed that is Stud's area, being the man of the home. I didn't think he had done anything. The other day this was confirmed when he came inside the house, quite upset and perturbed. He said we must get traps for them, because now they are chewing on the seat belts.

"Look at my shirt!", he said. "There is fuzz and and stuff all over it!?!?"

I looked and saw small tufts of lavendar coloured fuzz on his shirt, the same ones that get on my shirt/coat or whatever I am wearing. His mother had given me a gorgeous scarf/hat/glove set for Christmas and I wear it daily. The seat belt near my shoulder has acquired some of the scarf on it. This has been going on for a few weeks and I was sure I had even mentioned something to him about how much the scarf is shedding.

My mouth was agape. I was stunned. My mind raced. How can a man such as this, seriously believe that somehow rodents are climbing up a seat belt and chewing only on one small space of the belt, far up near the seat??? Why are the remnants of their work a completely different colour than the grey seatbelt??? Is he joking?? Is he serious?? How do I handle this properly without insulting him???

I was stifling laughter and trying to keep a straight face to tell him what was really happening. I don't recall how I handled it, but most likely not in the nicest manner. Whatever I did or said, he did not skip a beat.

Seriously though. Something like that seems bizzare to me. I just cannot imagine thinking something like that. Yet the man is so knowledgable in so many areas????

Someone please explain this to me??? My brothers or Dad perhaps?? Anyone?? I want to understand.

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Dottie said...

I was laughing at this one! LOL If only we could find the formula for figuring out husbands thought processes, we could sell it and be rich, rich women. I love mine to death but often just have to shake my head in amazement! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your blog!