Saturday, January 14, 2006


My baby is at someone else's house babysitting THEIR kids for money. How weird is that??

L has his first babysitting job! He is very excited, as he is saving for a pet snake. A ball python that he will name "Asmodeus".I think I spelled that right, will have to ask him later. I can't wait until he gets her. We went and looked at some the other day and man are they stunning. We have put this off for years, because hubby is scared of snakes. The kids and I cannot handle it any longer, and L is determined to get one of his own. Now B is thinking of saving up for one also!

It felt strange to leave him at J's house to watch her two boys for her. The plan was to be for four hours at most, but with she and her hubby's work schedules (they wanted L to babysit because of work, it is not even like they are out on a date, poor things!!) it may be until 10 tonight. If that is the case, I want hubby to go and sit with him for the last 3-4 hours. This will give them some time together, which is rare. If hubby is not at work, he is with B, pretty much. I know L would be pleased to see his Dad show up. And I know C would appreciate me staying with her and not leaving hubby here to help her! LOL

Hubby and B have been at B's hockey tournament all day. They had a game last night. Lost. Another this morning. Lost. Another starts in a few hours. I hate to miss, but with L out of the house and C just wouldn't work out for me to be there. B understands and I don't think it bothers him. I can't go tomorrow either. I need to teach in Bee's SS class at church and L babysits again tomorrow afternoon. I want to be available if he needs me. Our house is closer to where L is than any of the arenas.

B was chosen to do some competitions this afternoon and won a medal for "most accurate". A team mate of his won for "speed". I was a bit shocked that B did not win the speed medal, because he really is amazingly fast. Any team he has been on, he has been the fastest and has won prizes before for "hustling" etc etc. In swimming too. They wanted him on the swim team, but he wouldn't join until L was ready. L was SO CLOSE, just needed to work on his stamina, but because of his health issues and our schedule, it has not happened yet. I thought it was sweet he wanted his big bro with him:)

Back to my news. Hubby explained that he only competed on the accuracy one. They chose 5 kids from each team to compete in 5 different activities or "drills" I guess. The only one B participated in was accuracy, so that made sense. I hate to brag, but he really is awesome:) LOL I wish I could get his hockey photo on here, but our scanner is broken. And who is kidding who, I have no idea anyway. It just sounds like I am computer literate when I say things like "The scanner is broken so I can't do it." Hubby wants to buy a new scanner anyway, so we shall see. There are so many fun things I want to put on here, but I have NO IDEA HOW and not much time fo rspend figuring it out.

I have many stories to share, but Bee wants to show C her dance recitals on video, so we must go locate those. I have pork chops in the oven and they smell SO GOOD! Then we will have rice and peas and use the gravy the chops are cooking in (mushroom soup and worchestershire sauce) to put on the rice...YUM YUM!!!! Is your mouth watering yet???

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happyandblue2 said...

You have lots going on. Snakes..yikes..
Congratulations to L on his first babysitting job and to B on winning the hockey accuracy contest.
Oh, and to you on having such gifted children..