Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best friends

As I said earlier, R and Bee have a great time together. They are so close.

When R was 8 months old, he was acting funny when he nursed. I called the LLL because L and B had quit nursing too early for my liking (7 and 11 months respectively) and I wanted to avoid that this last time. I thought he was my last child and wanted to nurse as long as possible. Within reason of course. I hoped to avoid him weaning himself early.

They suggested various things. Pregnancy was one of them. I laughed and told them that was not possible.

They were right, we soon discovered. I guess because Bee was being formed, all the hormones, etc made the milk was taste funny and that was why he was acting the way he was. I went on to nurse him as long as I could, and that ended up being into my 5th month of pregnancy. The only reason I quit then was because I feared the quality was going down hill and the quantity certainly was. So I was pleased with that.

He was 16 months old when she was born and I felt guilty for taking his babyhood away so soon. The spark and light from his eyes literally left, when we brought her home from the hospital. He was in the room when she was born and I think saw her before I even did. Of course, as young as he was, he did not know what this meant and what was happening.

It took a while for him to come around again, but that he did. They have been inseparable since. He refuses to go to class at church unless she is with him. He wanted to play soccer, but would not unless she was on his team. I pulled some strings and got her on. In one of the photos taken tonight, you will see a their soccer photo beside them.

So there you are. My sweet kids who I hope will always be close. I actually have a brother very similar to R. His name even starts with R and he is the 3rd son also. He and I are still very close and even have a weird language and way of speaking to each other, even though we are in our 30's!

Soon I will share a fun story on here that describes my brother's personalities and our relationships very accurately.


Dottie said...

Laura, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments! Your post about your "little ones" relationship had me in tears. They are just precious and your children are gorgeous! Congrats to you for homeschooling, I dream about it but haven't gotten there.... I see from your 100 things you are in SC? My sis is in SC and hates the humidity, too! I'll be back to visit! :)

Lowa said...

Actually, I WAS in SC, but have been back in the good ole Northwest since March of 2000. I thank God daily for that:)

I love your blog and will visit often:)

I don't know how you do all you do. If you can do all that, you can Homeschool, TRUST ME! :) Of course, if your kids are happy and thriving and it works for you, then there is no need, right?? Public school just was not working for us.

I just made some dip, by the way:) LOL All you guys talking about it got my mouth watering! Should be set by morning!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that is so kids are all 3 years apart and fight like cats and dogs..haha

I hope mine will be cloer as they get older...;)

thanks for stopping by and please do so again